Aaron Hatmaker


Born in the mountains of Kentucky, Aaron Hatmaker began experimenting with sounds at an early age. After convincing his parents to buy a Sears brand guitar, he spent months training his ears and fingers with the likes of Weather Report, the Allman Brothers, and the oldies station on the radio. After transforming his guitar into n.a short-scale bass, he took up the tuba in school to help guide him into the low end of the musical spectrum. A summer of hard work in the corn fields of Ohio earned Aaron a full sized bass guitar, and he played bass in the marching band along with his sousaphone. Aaron was awarded many scholarships to both colleges he attended (Berklee College of Music and Belmont University) before spending two years on the high seas playing on cruise ships. He performed in Nashville’s music circus for eight years before relocating to Austin, TX, to continue his bass journey.